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The Why? I am fascinated conceptually and practically about the concept of progress. It's how we become healthier, safer, closer, smarter, prettier, quicker, happier, and better. It's cutting edge, it's undiscovered, and it's challenging. How can we encourage innovation and progress? How do we spur economic development? What policies support and stall progress? How can a company become more innovative? How do we improve ourselves as people, thinkers, and doers? These questions fascinate me and have always motivated my interests. The ingredients of innovation are many, but education and research, technology, entrepreneurship, investment, and policy are among the most important. I have let my interest in progress guide my journey, and I never plan to stop exploring these ingredients.

The Who? I am an entrepreneur, investor, and tech enthusiast. I have a background in venture capital and private equity at Blackstone, and worked in product marketing, growth, and analytics at Locu, a venture-backed technology startup acquired by GoDaddy. Prior to Locu, I served as a team member on a TED fellow-led education technology challenge called ‘Future of the Book’, tinkered with several side-projects, and founded a national non-profit organization called SeniorLink, a youth volunteer agency for teaching seniors about computers and the Internet.

Passionate about supporting and exploring innovation, I am actively involved in The Blackstone Charitable Foundation’s Entrepreneurship Initiative to help strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystems around the US and am an Ambassador for the Startup in Residence Program hosted by the San Francisco Mayor's Office of Innovation. I am the author of How to Speak Tech which explains the basic technologies and terms of Internet startups for individuals with nontechnical backgrounds. I invest in and enjoy advising startups I believe in and contribute to the Huffington Post.